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Pitullie has a huge range of wildlife including Minke Whales, Dolphins, Seals and rare seabirds. Watch these incredible creatures just metres from your location at Seafront Cottages "Pew with a View" a 1600's fisherman's cottage or "Door to the Shore" a deluxe Glamping experience. Spectacular wildlife and sealife at this luxurious self catering accommodation in Scotland. Accommodation near Fraserburgh and alternative to staying in Hotels in Fraserburgh. Self Catering Holiday Accommodation in Scotland

Come visit Seafront Cottages in Fraserburgh. The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis and Meteor Showers are common in this area so why not pull up a few pews and chairs around the fire pit, rug up, and watch the northern skies come alive at night. There are Castle tours, Jacobite tours, Pictish stone tours and Whisky Tours available in the area. An alternative to Hotels in Fraserburgh , try our Accommodation near Fraserburgh , one of the best self catering accommodation in Scotland with spectacular wildlife and sealife and where you will see seals and birds in abundance.